20 Jun

How To Get Started With Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a game known through the world, it is marketed on the app store, Google play and on television, which testifies to the overall might of the company which brought us Clash of Clans. The company now has an estimated net worth of over several billion dollars, which makes it one of the few mega corporations that are on the today’s market. There are several factors which make Clash of Clans such a good game. The first thing that should be discussed is the fact that the game is a freemium game, which means that there is a in game currency that will give a big advantage to any player which is willing to spend some money on the game.


Top freemium app – Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans has this currency available in game for any player to find. While it is rare, it makes a game a lot more addictive for the average free to play user which is only looking for a game to spend a couple of hours on, ultimately the fact that the game is very addictive will lead even the free to play players to spend even a small portion of their monthly earning on Clash of Clans just so they could progress faster through the game.

The best way to learn how to play Clash of Clans

Combat in Clash of Clans is another thing which makes this game so good. For instance there are a lot of aspects that can be found in real time strategies. Attack that you are willing to carry out on an enemy base in Clash of Clans need to be thought through. The positions of your troops can make a big difference in the way your units react in the battle, even though the battles are scripted and the player can’t take any direct part in the conflict, the strategy that revolves around the elements of battles is more than enough to keep any player interested through the experience. Clash of Clans is simply a must play game, it has no age restriction and the graphics are simply amazing. When you combine all of the previously stated elements you get a game which is well worth your time, and Clash of Clans is.

03 May

The Newest Clash Of Clans Gem Guide!

Clash of Clans guide available for download

Clash of clans is a popular game, it’s more than popular actually. The elements that were integrated in this marvelous game made a compelling experience. There is action and there is strategy, you need resources to develop your base and train your forces. The resources in this game are gold coins that are easily obtained, gems that are very hard to find and can be purchased for real life currency. It’s needless to say that gems make game progression faster and model of a game made for a compelling and addicting experience for players all around the world.

Tips for Clash of Clans

But this game model became frustrating for a lot of players. Not everybody had the money to buy gems and progress faster, so here is official website and where ever there is a problem there is a solution. This website offers a Clash of Clans generator. What is this generator that we are talking about? It’sis a little program that is integrated in this website and allows you to generate unlimited amounts of god coins and gems. You don’t need to worry about anything, our Clash of Clans generator doesn’t require your password or your e-mail address. You simply input you username and select the amount of gold coins or gems that you want to be generated, and that’s it.

Building Your Army In Clash of Clans

Our Clash of Clans guide cannot be detected by any security scans that are implemented in the game. And your account will be safe for you to have as much fun as you like. It has been developed by a team of highly educated and skilled programmers so the safety of your account is guaranteed because all strategies are legit. If you are interested you can read short guide about COC. As I stated before we don’t need your username in order for this to work.

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You may ask yourself, why are we giving such a powerful guide for free? We believe in that all information should be free and for everybody to use as they see fit. And Clash of Clans is an unfair game if you take in to account that people are actually paying for the gems. So that’s why we made this Clash of Clans free guide, now you can jump in to the game and start getting gems and progress faster than everybody else and reach the top of the leaderboards in no time at all. So please don’t hesitate and start using our Free Clash of Clans guide now!